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Website-ScreenshotFreundeskreis Espace Masolo

multiple languages, Content Management System Joomla!, Responsive Design
Freundeskreis Espacemasolo is supporting a cultural center in Kinshasa, Kongo.
Layout: Birgit Pardun, Katja Neppert

Website-ScreenshotSustainable Villages Foundation

multiple languages, Content Management System Joomla!, responsive
Starting with a model village in Ruanda the Sustainable Villages Foundation is developing methods and tecniques to establish a better standard of living in secludes areas in a way to be sustainable by the local population.
Layout: Studio Eden

FirstCitiz Real Estate

Project Handling, Web Development (Wordpress)
FirstCitiz is putting to market Berlin flats internationally via this website in four languages. Their office software is cooperating with the website.

Bluemonkeyengineering - nachhaltig BauenBluemonkeyengineering - Nachhaltiges Bauen

Young engineers offer sustainable construction - planning, used materials, building .
Layout: Scherber Design

Landesverband Weiterbildung BrandenburgLandesverband für Weiterbildung im ländlichen Raum e.V.
im Land Brandenburg

HTML, Layout
The site is offering an interactive map including all institutions offering qualification in Brandenburg focussed on rural issues.


Concept,Layout, Web Development (Joomla)
The Verband Berliner Verwaltungsjuristen is the organization of lawyers working in Berlin administration.

Heimvolkshochschule am Seddiner See

Concept, Layout, Web Development (Joomla)
The rural education center near Potsdam Potsdam is offering adult seminaries on agricultural subjects and political education. It is possible to book the rooms for meetings and conferences

Stobrawe physiotherapy, Bad Bramstedt

Concept, Coding, Layout, Logo (Wordpress)
Stobrawe physiotherapy is specialized in vojta technic for babies

screenshot we-ha-papier.deWe-Ha-Papier - wholesale bookbindery, grafic & paper converting enterprises

Concept, coding (Joomla), layout
Multilingual enterprise website.

Ernst Albert Seils - Schriften zum Ersten Weltkrieg

Concept, Layout, Web Development (Joomla)
Ernst Albert Seils is doing research on German history of worls war I and Weimar republic.

Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Nikodemus, BerlinNikodemus Protestant Church Berlin- Neukölln

Concept, programming (Joomla), support. The congregation is located in one of the most interesting parts of Berlin. It uses the website to announce concerts and services, news, show photos of congregation life and offer interactive possibilities.
Layout: Fred-Michael Sauer

www.bauphysik-software.de DÄMMWERK building physics software

Content Management System Joomla!
The DÄMMWERK building physics software is continuously actualized. The multilingual website offers testing licenses and a specially programmed ordering system.
Layout: Susanne Huebner/Kern ingenieurkonzepte

Multilingual Websites

languages small
Joomla is the content management system best prepared for multilingual websites.

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