Safety - Protection by Continuous Updates

Joomla belongs to the most popular content management systems of the world. This makes it an attractive aim for kacjer attacks, because hackers can use their malware on many sites.
On the other habd; The user's commity of Joomla! is large and alert. It is fast reacting on attacks and security patches are fastly provided.

No system ist protected by 100% and over years. Joomla!'s core programming is secure and meets high standards. It has to be kept current thou. Used added components as well.

The security of your domain is important. Once infected, your provider is switching the page off to avoid refunds of infected visito of your site. But there will be an image damage for your enterprise anyways. It will be better to guard against attacks.

You can protect your cms by a solid concept: If possible do not use exotic extensions but rather adapt Joomla! standard tools to your needs.

We offer an update-service to keep your site up-to-date. Every time we are updating, we create a backup of your site. This is a sort of insurance in case your site is attacked.

If you wait without doing anything, there will badditional costs in case of an attack for checking your files on malware.

Especially if your website was realised with the popular Joomla 1.5 version, you should migrate to the actual Joomla! version because hackers loved to think about security leaks for Joomla! 1.5.

Protect your Joomla! installation - Use our update service!