Joomla 3 lost security support end of August 2023. If you still have this installation, it is high time to upgrade Your website.

Joomla 4 brought a lot of technical improvements: The web performance is faster and the included finding engine works much better.

Joomla 5 - the actually recommanded version -  is improving the performance and the google searchability even more intense.

The migration from Joomla 3 is sometimes complicated and needs changes in used extensions and layout - good moment for a relaunch, thinking about new functions and leaving outdated features.

If you have a Joomla 4 installation, the pressure is less hard. It will be provided with security updates until October 2025.
But the migration is less complicated - so: why wait and miss the advantages?

We are quite experienced in migrations meanwhile and prepared to help You.

So ask us for an offer!