Costs And Conditions, Course of Action

Costs And Conditions

Every webpage is different. The costs of your website depend on:

  • the amount of needed single pages
  • the conceptual work
  • the existence of a logo and usable images
  • the necessity of image research
  • the necessity of photographers' work
  • the necessity of text redaction and writing
  • specially programmed forms
  • implementation of a content management system
  • costs for a needed data base and other costs at your provider's
  • additional cms components to be installed (like shop system, newsletter etc.)

We offer to administrate existing web projects, too. In that case we have to charge you the time we need for first orientation in your project.

Course of Action

The steps during a web project use to be the following:

  • offer: You tell us your aims and we translate this into procedure steps. On this base, we make a detailed proposal.
    After your order the project starts. After the beginning of the project the first payment is due.
  • fixing action steps and time lines. When the project started, we will fix the plan of the process. Especially the providing and controlling of content mean work for the customer as well.
    The duration of a project depends on the complexity of duties to do. Our effort is a speedy and effective implementation of the project - especially if You have deadlines or events to respect.
  • the project. You are always informed about the process. Often we establish for new sites a password protected access. During this phase the layout is implemented and tested in several browsers. First contents and menu items are inserted.
    In case of relaunch your existing domain can stay parallelly - while on a password-protected subdomain the new domain is generated.
  • the end of the project. All contents and all functions that needed work are ok - this is the official end of the project.

Smaller problems are solved shortly after the official end of the project without bothering.
For prevalent requests or updates we offer special agreements.

pixelprogramm will give you a specified offer appropriate to your demands.